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AceProject’s Logo Redesigned

The launch of our new corporate image

Those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have already seen the new logo we unveiled two weeks ago. This new logo is the beginning of a series of major changes to our corporate image. We’ve decided to start with the logo. The website will follow. Our social media presence will also increase. And eventually, AceProject’s look and feel will change for the better. We’re on fire, so we hope you’re ready for this!

Concept behind the logo

We wanted to keep the arrow in our new logo. The arrow represents the progression of a project, from start to finish. We also wanted the new logo to be fresh… Just like us.

Something sweet for your computer screen

Here’s a 1920×1080 wallpaper with our new logo and slogan. Download it now.

How do you like our new logo?


AceProject is now in Apple’s App Store

Today we are extremely proud to announce that we’ve made it to Apple’s App Store. After successfully launching the native Android app a few months ago, we have released the iOS 5 compatible AceProject app. This app acts as a gateway between Apple mobile devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad) and AceProject`s mobile web app.

Benefits to this new app include:

  • Remain always connected without the need to continuously enter your login credentials.
  • In your email notifications, you’ll notice a mobile icon that will open your task directly into your native mobile app.
  • All the functionality that you currently find in your non-native mobile version.

Take advantage of the features and functionality of this app in harmony with your existing free or subscription account from AceProject. No account? Sign up for your free account in minutes.

The app can be downloaded by clicking the badge below:

Here is a screenshot of the native app:

Mobile Version 2012.02.01 – A New Menu, Global Search, and More…

We decided to standardize AceProject Mobile’s menu and follow the trends in that regard. Lately, we’ve been noticing several mobile apps that brought up a new kind of collapsible menu at the upper left (Facebook is a well-known example). This menu usually acts as a dashboard that contains key actions in the application. We felt the need to add such a menu to AceProject Mobile, for ergonomy reasons.

Among other things, this menu includes the Global Search (which we added to AceProject in late 2011), the open projects (similar to the multi-project tabs in AceProject) and quick access to “My Preferences”. When using a smartphone, the menu is collapsible. If you use a tablet or a traditional computer, the menu is always visible. We also added a page loading animation for the usability-savvy.

Here’s how the new menu looks like (tablet mode):

Coming soon, we’ll enter Apple’s App Store thanks to a native app for iPhone and iPad. This app will have the same behavior as the Android app. Basically, it will simply act as a gateway between the device and the web app.

We are also working hard on recurring tasks. We plan to launch them as beta initially. We’ll keep you posted!

AceProject Enters the Android Market

It’s been one year since we launched our mobile web app. The number of mobile users increases every day, and although some features have yet to be added to the mobile app, the users are delighted by AceProject Mobile.

That being said, AceProject is a web app, not a native app. There is no store for web apps, but we found a way to enter the Android Market and reach Android users more easily.

Basically, we built a native Java Android app which empowers users to connect to AceProject in a more convenient way. Furthermore, this native app has a “remember me” behavior (just like Facebook, for instance). As a result, you remain logged in for as long as you want to. No need to go through the login page anymore. For that specific reason, current Android users should download the native Android app to benefit from this awesome advantage. It can be downloaded by clicking the badge below:

As always, your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, we would like to offer our warmest Holiday wishes to all our customers, fans and followers. We’re all set for 2012. We have a lot on our plate, so we hope you’re ready!

Version 2011.11.29 – Drag and Drop Upload

The drag and drop upload is now available at the task level. This feature will empower users to simply drag a document to the upload window rather than using the “Browse…” button. Up to 10 documents can be uploaded simultaneously. This feature will be available for project documents shortly.

Here’s a screenshot of how the upload feature looks like:

We also improved ergonomic elements, as per customer suggestions. Among other things:

  • We added a project tab slider that lets you view all your open projects more easily.
  • We also added a skinning property that lets you adjust the padding between lines in lists.
  • The global search now lets you search within hyperlinks.

The “Portfolio -> Projects” and the Admin pages can now be open upon login. Finally, when deleting multiple documents, a single notification is sent rather than one for each document.

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