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Try before you buy should be easy

January 21, 2009

I like to shop online because I can get more information, faster, about the product online, than I would if I went to the store.  Online, I can find the product specifications, customer and expert reviews, all within minutes. If I go to the store, I have to believe the person that’s in front of me. And the only information I get from the retailer is what’s on the box. Hopefully, the salesperson will be knowledgeable about the product.

When I got looking for a web-based system or software, I expect even more from the web. I expect I’ll be able to try the system before I buy it, so I can decide if it’s right for me before I commit my money to it.

From a sales point of view, it’s important that it be easy to try the product. The harder it is, the more people will give up and try the next product.

I wanted to try a web-based system this week. In order to get to the demo account they were setting up for me, I had to give them my name and the name of 2 colleagues, their email addresses, phone numbers, and the company’s mailing address. It seems like a commitment just to try the system.

At Websystems, you can try AceProject simply by clicking on this link: We don’t want your name. We don’t even want your email address. You get to see the whole system, you can even create projects and tasks. If you want to go further in your tryouts, you can create a free account: To create a free account, you need to give us your company name, name and email address. That’s all. And you can enjoy all of AceProject’s features, at no charge, as long as you want.

If your business is online, your should make it as easy as possible for your future customers to try your product. The more people try your product, the more will become customers.


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