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Version 2011.11.29 – Drag and Drop Upload

November 29, 2011

The drag and drop upload is now available at the task level. This feature will empower users to simply drag a document to the upload window rather than using the “Browse…” button. Up to 10 documents can be uploaded simultaneously. This feature will be available for project documents shortly.

Here’s a screenshot of how the upload feature looks like:

We also improved ergonomic elements, as per customer suggestions. Among other things:

  • We added a project tab slider that lets you view all your open projects more easily.
  • We also added a skinning property that lets you adjust the padding between lines in lists.
  • The global search now lets you search within hyperlinks.

The “Portfolio -> Projects” and the Admin pages can now be open upon login. Finally, when deleting multiple documents, a single notification is sent rather than one for each document.


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  1. Paul permalink

    Very nice…

  2. Thanks for info.
    When it will be available for Intranet Package?

    • Hello Frantisek,

      It is now available and I believe you have received an intranet package update in which that feature is included.

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

  3. Lisa Dimon permalink

    Great! Is there any way to have people assigned to a project list alphabetically by default? I have to go into each project and re-sort every time I add someone. Thanks!

    • Hello Lisa,

      Our apologies for the delay in responding to your blog post comment.

      You had also requested this through a customer service inquiry on 12/8/2011 and I had created a wish list task on your behalf.

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

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