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AceProject’s Logo Redesigned

April 10, 2012

The launch of our new corporate image

Those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have already seen the new logo we unveiled two weeks ago. This new logo is the beginning of a series of major changes to our corporate image. We’ve decided to start with the logo. The website will follow. Our social media presence will also increase. And eventually, AceProject’s look and feel will change for the better. We’re on fire, so we hope you’re ready for this!

Concept behind the logo

We wanted to keep the arrow in our new logo. The arrow represents the progression of a project, from start to finish. We also wanted the new logo to be fresh… Just like us.

Something sweet for your computer screen

Here’s a 1920×1080 wallpaper with our new logo and slogan. Download it now.

How do you like our new logo?


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  1. John Pescod permalink

    I would have kept the 3D round arrow in the new design but I’ll live with it 😉

  2. Brad H. permalink

    I like the updated logo much better than the old one. More modern. I am fine with the 3D arrow being made flat – will reproduce easier across all your media more consistently. I think perhaps the slogan is a bit wordy though. Overall I think it is a good move forward!

  3. Erik permalink

    I generally dont like logo changes and I think this is a very good one. It makes Ace seem approachable and quotes the right amount of the old logo. Well done.

  4. Paul permalink

    Well done.

  5. Thanks for your comments. We really appreciate your feedback

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