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AceProject was created in 2001 by Websystems Inc, a young and dynamic enterprise from Quebec City, Canada. Our company is a true child of the Internet age: our team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals converges to produce and maintain an always-on, real-time product that is constantly improved.

Every time we release a new feature, it is based upon our customers’ requests and needs. We do not want to impose our ideas on you, we prefer to hear your ideas because, after all, you are the project managers and we are the software developers.

We have built this web-based project management software as an extranet within which multiple users can manage multiple projects, from multiple locations. Thus, all your corporate activity is stored and shared in one central place only. So, whether your organization operates several branches, or your collaborators are telecommuters who work in scattered remote offices, AceProject is the solution to stay in touch.

We are proud to provide our solution to customers from more than 70 countries. Small, mid-size and multinational organizations trust AceProject because we have constantly heard their needs and proved them that they can lean on our solution, no matter how crucial their projects could be.

Since we provide an efficient alternative to major systems like Microsoft Project, at a fraction of the price, several influential leaders such as Goodyear, ADP, Colgate-Palmolive and Toyota have chosen AceProject. Nevertheless, every single AceProject user is important for us. We appreciate your comments, suggestions and queries. Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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