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Sylvain Traversy

Sylvain is Websystems’ web marketing specialist and writes marketing-oriented content on AceProject’s website. He writes blog posts about version releases and other marketing-driven topics.

Michel Deslandes

Michel is a customer service and technical support representative for AceProject. He also writes the software’s documentation. He writes blog posts about troubleshooting and also provides tips and tricks to use AceProject more efficiently.

Daniel Raymond

Daniel is Websystems’ founder and President. He write blog posts once in a while and when he does, it is major and must be read!

  1. Are there currently any plans to do the following

    1. Add tasks via email – the add via email feature for is great and would go a long way toward making adding tasks easier and less intrusive. They have a special character system that makes it pretty easy.
    2. ical view of tasks and projects – we frequently want to be able to view multiple activities we are doing on the same calendar. An ical view for tasks would be great
    3. Add dependencies between tasks in different projects – We have to create very large projects and it would be much easier to create smaller projects with inter dependent tasks

    Thanks – great software

    • Hello Robert,

      Items 1 and 2 have been frequently requested by clients and have also often been the subject of development discussions. However, neither of the 2 are on our short-term roadmap. Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say you will never see these functionalities in AceProject. But, you will most probably need to wait at least 10 months to a year before any of these items are added.

      I will add your name to all those before you who requested these features/enhancements.

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

  2. A master Gantt chart reflecting all projects would be great.
    It would help to have a global snapshot.

    Really like the package!

    • Hello Chris,

      Sorry for the delay, we had some technical issues with our blog.

      AceProject does have the master Gantt charts you need under the Portfolio tab. You’ll find both project Gantt charts under the “Projects” left menu item as well as task Gantt charts (for tasks across all your projects) under the “Tasks” left menu item.

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

  3. Ryan permalink

    Hello team,

    As a SMALL request, can you please allow the option for the creator of the task to be emailed a copy of the of the task created, instead of JUST the reviewer or assigned contact.

    This would allow me to ensure/keep a record that each task WAS actually ‘sent’. As the creator, I would like to print out the email as a master task-sheet.

    Currently I must open up the task again and click ‘Printer Version’, adjust the layout, and print it out manually, where as my team all get the original email sent immediately making it easy for them.

    A small, but valued and appreciated request. 🙂


    • Hello Ryan,

      I will add your name to those before you have asked that task assignment/update e-mail notifications also be sent to the user who performs the assignment/update.

      For the time being, here is a suggestion… 1. Create a secondary user and assign your e-mail address to this user. 2. Assign this user to all necessary projects. 3. When you assign a task to someone, assign your secondary user as a reviewer to that task as well. Hence, that secondary user will receive an e-mail notification.

      Michel Deslandes Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support Contact Us

  4. Hello Guys

    I feel that you guys are overlooking a market for your software. You call your software ace project and it is good at managing projects. Ace project with the time sheet feature is also good for a pay roll time clock. We use it to keep track of hours for about a 100 employees in our fabrication shop on about 200 different projects. We have used other software in the past for the same application and Ace Project is good at this task even though I know it is not the primary focus.

    The only item I would like is an easier way for admin staff to edit time sheet hours if a trades people makes a mistake clocking in or out. Mistakes like clocking into the wrong project or task. Mistakes like forgetting to clock in or out at all. Our office staff currently fixes these mistakes but they have to clock in as the employee each time. This is really slow.

    I think with a good form for editing hours you have software that you should call ACE Time Clock and sell the same software to two different markets. There are alot of manufactures that have to collect times for payroll and project management. We use to use Time Clock Plus but I think your so meets our needs better.

    • Hello Jeff,

      On June 7th of last year, I added a comment on a wish list task on your behalf for an admin timesheet global view for enhanced timesheet editing capabilities. Others like you have requested this enhancement and we are looking to overhaul our timesheet management module (though I can’t say for sure, at this time, whether we will include that admin management view as part of the overhaul).

      Michel Deslandes
      Sales, Customer Service and Technical Support
      Contact Us

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